Ramen Seasoning Blend

Ramen Seasoning Blend

$17.50 USD $17.50 USD

An elevated experience of our favorite ramen seasoning packets. This blend combines the salty goodness of delicate nori, a zing of ginger and the umami power of shiitake mushroom and MSG. 

Inspired By: Eating steaming bowls of ramen in Japan's noodle shops

Tastes Like: Undeniably umami. Shiitake mushrooms, nori and ginger take center stage.

Try it On: Israeli couscous, baked salmon, broccolini

Ingredients: San Juan Island Sea Salt, nutritional yeast, organic garlic, organic cane sugar, MSG, shiitake mushroom, organic ginger, organic coriander, organic wild nori, organic cayenne

3.75 oz in a glass jar.