About Us

My name is Amanda Weir, and I am the founder of Abierto.  I'm a Sagittarius, love the ocean, traveling, being with friends (old and new), music that you can feel in your bones, and sourdough bread, to begin with.  I love it when the world feels small, when it feels expansive and endless, serendipitous moments, going on walks, sharing a smile with a stranger passing by - so much of the beauty in life lies within the moments in between.    

I am inspired by how gifting connects us to each other, and to ourselves (one must always remember to gift ourselves as well).  Taking the time to slow down and share in a moment of exchange is something so beautiful and often taken for granted.  Whether it is writing a card and closing it with a wax seal, sitting down to light a stick of incense or slipping on a silk kimono, there are always to deepen our presence.  

Let us share a note, embrace the scent of a candle, adorn ourselves and carry our spirits high.