About Us

My name is Amanda Weir, and I am the founder of Abierto.  I'm a Sagittarius, love the ocean, traveling, being with friends (old and new), music that you can feel in your bones, and sourdough bread, to begin with.  I love it when the world feels small, when it feels expansive and endless, serendipitous moments, going on walks, sharing a smile with a stranger passing by - so much of the beauty in life lies within the moments in between.    

I am inspired by how gifting connects us to each other, and to ourselves.  Whether it is writing a card and closing it with a wax seal, sitting down to light a stick of incense or slipping on a silk kimono, there are always to deepen our presence.  

Abierto is dedicated to nurturing connection, both within ourselves and others.  We aim to provide a place of commerce that is carefully considered.  Through a curated product mix of mostly small batch, high quality, eco-friendly, and handmade goods created by small businesses and artisans, our focus is to draw attention to quality, thoughtfulness, and craftsmanship when consuming and gifting.  In taking the time to slow down and share in a moment of exchange with another, or a moment of wonder and inspiration within, we strive to encourage an open heart, mind and spirit within.  

Let us share a note, embrace the scent of a candle, adorn ourselves in hand-crafted jewelry and clothing, and carry our spirits high.