Embroidered Sage Patch

Embroidered Sage Patch

$5.00 USD $5.00 USD

Now your smudge stick can be wtih you anywhere!  We sure do love the sounds of that.  This is an iron on patch and measures 4" x 1".

Iron on instructions:
1. Garment should be clean

2. Heat iron to hottest setting

3. Thoroughly iron area of garment where patch will be placed

4. Place patch on garment, embroidery facing up

5. Place a cloth or light towel over patch and using a slow circular motion, press firmly for 30 seconds

6. Turn garment inside out, and iron the back of the patch for 30 seconds

7. Let cool for one minute,  If edge of patch can be lifted, repeat step 6.

*Permanence of application guarenteed by sewing

*Do NOT use on un-ironable fabrics (low melting point) such as nylons, vinyls, or leathers.