Great Mother Sacred Feminine Anointing Oil

Great Mother Sacred Feminine Anointing Oil

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This blend is inspired by our ancient female ancestors.  With dreams of their travels and divine feminine spirit.

All organic:

  • Blue Lotus - Not only is this the most magical scent in the universe, but Blue Lotus is the Ancient Egypt Dream Flower.  Feminine magic.  Shows us in all that lives within our crown chakra and hearts.  Ultimate blessings from divine consciousness.  Used by the ancients, it holds the wisdom of heaven.  Bringing in ones guides and activating ancestors divine psychic nature, vibrant sexual energy!
  • Honeysuckle - Powerful third eye activator.  Used to clear the mind, stimulate psychic dreams, sweeten any mood and stimulate generosity.  A flower rubbed on the forehead is said to increase power.  Smells like remembering the most purest memories of your life.
  • Blue Tansy - A beautiful medicine plant which oil is the riches saphire blue.  Stimulates the heart and throat chakra to release anxiety, own ones power, and speak ones truth.  It has an uplifting, protective, expansive quality, and is a highly energetic oil.  It is cooling and grounding and it helps to elevate your personal energy and unlock emotional stagnation.  A powerful healer.
  • Patchouli - Deep rooted earth magic.  Highly potent for affluence and abundance.  Manifesting miracles, activates sacral and root chakras, it is sensuous and romantic.  Powerful feminine energy.

0.5 ounces. Made with love, care and intention in Arizona.